Technological advances have now made it possible to inexpensively manufacture lightweight devices measuring brain waves and the associated physiological signals, such as heart rate. The data gathered by these devices is complex and requires advanced artificial intelligence for its full interpretation. By putting next-step neurotech devices together with advanced AI, we can provide individuals with a detailed understanding of what is going on in their bodies and minds — measuring a person’s emotions, arousal and alertness, and even the depth of meditation an individual is undertaking.

The Partnership

Today, we’re excited to announce that SingularityNET will form a partnership with the Chinese neurotechnology firm Entertech to create AI-powered neurotech for the consumer and the enterprise markets.

Entertech is a Hangzhou-based electronic technology company, focused on neuroscience R&D and the creation and application of state-of-art consumer-level EEG products. The firm’s experience with applied EEG analytics is extensive, including applications in education, psychological health, VR and many more areas. As a result of this work, Entertech has accumulated millions of instances of first-hand EEG data from individuals engaged in various sorts of tasks.